About Us
Weezzi Enterprise & Weezzi
Weezzi Enterprise business focus is on custom made internet solutions. We are able to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions with state-of-the-art web technologies. Weezzi is our mass market online product that enables simple day-to-day activities to be done easily, combining email, social networks integration, newsletters system, contact management, file sharing and website / webstore solutions into one single product.
Web is in our DNA
Our team has been working with internet solutions since 1994. We are based in Portugal and have clients from all over the world. From the US, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Angola, Portugal, India and the Caribbean.
Innovative & Awarded Technology
Since 2002 we have developed and continue to evolve, a unique web development technology. It allows us to build web solutions in a much more faster, reliable, secure and scalable way and was awarded by the Portuguese Innovation Agency for its innovation
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