Team Collaboration
With the All-In-One we combine all the Weezzi mass market product features with your custom website. With it you can have all your day-to-day life online activities made in one single place made without effort. Integrating with the most known social networks you are able to communicate efficiently with your contact network within just a few clicks.
Integrated Email
A web based email system not only with your email but also fully integratable with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook mail (former MSN & Hotmail) and other POP3 emails accounts you might have. So that you can have your emails accessible from one single place without having to jump from page to page.
Social Networks Integrated
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ integration so that you can send messages to your contacts, publish posts, create events, send newsletters and much more to all your social networks without effort.
SMS Messaging
Send SMS messages to announce new products, promotions, that a order has been shipped or simply to contact a friend.
Centralized Contact Management
Have your contact network in one single place, with multi language message preferences, manage your customers & leads and much more. Unique grouping capabilities with the new dynamic group functionality that combines your contacts based on rules such as gender, age, geolocation, spoken language, interests, online store purchases, site visits
Newsletters system
Create your custom newsletters and send them to specific target groups. We can also create exclusive newsletters designs accordingly to your site design so that you can edit its contents and reuse them to promote your products or services.
Team Collaboration
Share documents, files, messages with your team to easily manage your projects and tasks
Powerful Marketing Tool
Send messages to specific target groups within very advanced ruled based engine where you can send messages in multi-language to specific audiences and track their success in real-time.
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