Web Solutions
Custom made for you
From internet applications to mobile apps, to websites or ecommerce web stores we are able to deliver what makes the difference to you and your business. Our unique know-how joined with a state of the art web technology allow us to give you as you need and when you need it
A multi-platform service able to deliver solutions to independent channels in the most effective way. Have your web application or web site delivered into Smartphones or Tablets or any other device in a way that is proper, intuitive and effective to it. Enhance your site and your site visitors experience by having Smartphone & Tablet specific versions of your website.
Easy Management
A unique administration back office system that allows you to easily manage your site contents, change them at any time and do it in a very easy and intuitive way.
All In one
Combining email, social network integration, newsletters, team collaboration and sales force, we are able to give you web solution with a complete set of day-to-day life tools.
Online Page Editor
Our clients benefit from the most advanced online page editor giving them free autonomy to change their websites contents in online and very simple page editor so that any detail is indeed possible to change.
A complete ecommerce platform with a complete set of functionalities from product Catalogue, Accessories, related Products, Product Packs, Vouchers, product discount & promotions and much more.
Unique Technology
A mature and highly scalable technology, taking care for you of all technical details so you can focus on growing your business and ensuring your website running smoothly for 1.000 or 10.000.000 visitors per day 99.999% of the time.
Built-In Documents, Images & Media Manager
A highly advanced system that goes beyond the standard CMS features and extends it to fully integrated system with media and image rendering
Customisable dashboards system with multiple available dashboards for you to choose what is more relevant to you an to your business. The dashboard system also allows you to create multiple panels so that in each you can create and give focus to a specific area overview.
The newsletter system allows you to visually and very easily create newsletters. It has also an innovative subscribe system that enables you to create multiple newsletter profiles for your contacts so that they can easily choose what are the themes and frequency that most fits your their needs. Weezzi newsletters system also supports multi-language and full newsletter reporting.
In today world our contacts have become global and communicating with them efficiently requires efficient tools. All weezzi plaftform is multi-language ready which means that your site can have multiple languages, your emails can be sent in multiple languages and delivered accordingly to the contact preferred language or newsletters also.
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